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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Secret get a new dorm !

On the 16th, a representative of Secret’s agency, TS Entertainment, had stated, “The Secret members will be moving out of their basement dorm by the end of this month, or at the latest, the beginning of next month. The members were all happy when they heard that they were going to move to a ground-level dorm. Although I feel apologetic, I am relieved that we’re able to give them a good living environment, even if it’s late.“
The company representative also stated, “They are currently living in Chung-Dam-Dong but we are looking into a villa in Han-Nam-Dong. We are currently getting a lot of requests to reveal the basement dorm but we are indirectly rejecting them. We will reveal their house when they move into their new one so please wait until then.”

Regarding Sunhwa’s reaction to the moving news, the representative stated, “When she heard about the moving news, she was really, extremely happy. She said that she wanted to move to the new house fast and that she wanted to give back to her fans by making good music in a better environment.”

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