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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Park Jaebeom will be returning to Korea SOON

On the 12th, an associate of the music industry stated that Park Jaebum has recently began working with the producers of the Hollywood film ‘Hype Nation’ and has finalized his contract for the role.

The associate stated, “Jaebum spoke through a Korean American and stated that he would like to be cast in Hype Nation. Part of this movie will be filmed in Korea and so he will be returning to Korea as a new actor. Jaebum has even participated in the OST for the movie and will even be stepping into the industry as a singer. Hype Nation is currently looking for a Korean female lead.”

An associate of a popular girl group also stated, “We have also received a notice from Hype Nation to cast one of our group’s members,” further adding to the possibility of Jaebum starring in the movie.


Another article by Newsen then came in:

‘Is Jaebum going into Hollywood?’

After leaving 2PM and agency JYPE, Jaebum has received a casting offer from a Hollywood film.

Ommitted summary.

An associate that has requested to remain anonymous has stated, “The producers of Hype Nation has extended an offer to Jaebum. He’s currently considering this offer.”

Another associate stated, “There is nothing decided yet.”


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