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Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lee Hyori was asked ‘Which girlgroup junior have caught your attention’

Lee Hyori was asked ‘Which girlgroup junior have caught your attention’ in an interview on 13th April and her answers were Yuri and CL. She said, “The 2 of them will do well if they come out as solo singers.”

Hyori’s reasons were, “It’s like looking at myself in the past. When I saw So Nyeo Shi Dae’s concert, Yuri’s solo performance was the most impressionable for me. My solo performances during Fin.K.L concerts had also garnered much attention from the music industry. I see that Yuri will have great potential as a solo singer.”

And about CL, Lee Hyori said, “She is someone who has the originality and charms which are hard to find in Korea. Rather than saying that she is a pretty and sexy singer, I anticipate that she will be able to make a big mark in the Kpop world with her great originality and rap capabilities.”

Lee Hyori also talked about the domination of girlgroups in the Kpop world, “The girlgroup juniors are very well trained and have good potential. But because they only follow the directions given by their agencies, they lack the creativity. You cannot just always think about being the member of a girlgroup, you need to prepare ahead for your future solo activities.”

S: IlGan Sports

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