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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Who is the most popular with girls in SHINee?

The five boys reveal everything about themselves

During the interview segment yesterday, SHINee showed off a rare, cute side to their usual selves and revealed secrets about each other to the fans.

The hosts asked questions about the five of them, and they would only answer after leader Onew had shouted “1, 2, 3”. This adorable side of them was very much in contrast to their onstage concept.

In SHINee, the member…

• who is most popular with girls: Minho and Jonghyun
The former feels that his eyes are his most attractive features, while the latter thinks his voice is rather charming.

• who checks himself out in the mirror the most: Key
When asked how many times a day he does it, he laughed and said: “You can’t count it.”

• who sleeps easily while travelling: Onew
The “guilty” leader closed his eyes and randomly pointed at his members, while the rest of SHINee unanimously chose him as the answer.

• who packs his luggage the neatest: Minho
He proudly announced that “I’m the neatest and the most meticulous!”

• who takes spicy food the best: Jonghyun
He had tasted the local chilli crab before, and declared it “not very spicy at all”.

• who does aegyo the best: Minho and Jonghyun
The two of them pointed at each other. When the hosts asked the both of them to demonstrate, Jonghyun then used Minho as a shield, repeatedly patting his bottom to ask him to do it instead. Finally under the request of all the fans present, the both of them then did aegyo together.

Translated by: [info]theretroradio

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