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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Rain and MBLAQ will be come back together

Via his website, Rain uploaded the photo above and wrote a personal and official announcement for his fans saying,

“Due to less work in dramas and movies, it seems like I have free time to promote an album. This upcoming special album is dedicated to fans for waiting so patiently and as long as it’s taken to come; it’ll be just as good.

I’m so happy that I’ll be able to engage in 2 months of promoting by performing in the media and when the special album is released on April 1st and my live promotions end, I plan to go on tour. And because this tour will be related to the album, I feel like I’ll be able to put on a new kind of performance during my tour.

I feel like my recent drama and movie roles showed me as a very serious person so I plan to act in more relaxed dramas and movies to show my true light side.

MBLAQ’s 2nd single will be released soon and promotions will go from April through May, so let’s enjoy these two months together!“

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