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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Primadonna in Shanghai,shared story about FT Island concert in Shanghai

FT Island fansign: It depends on our luck because we have to queue. So, we will get the sign randomly depending on our queuing. Hongki, your popularity is amazing. Fans crazy about Hongki..Jonghun, Jaejin and Seunghyun are popular too. Fans were happy to receive your sign. However, Minhwan got less loves compared to others. Why must fan acted like this? Poor Minhwan. Some of fans who were really ignorant just left Minhwan and rushing to others, mostly to Hongki. Hongki who realize about it looked at Minhwan and we who was waiting for our turns saw it clearly when Hongki said to the fans more or less like this “Minhwan signature is the cutest between us, he can draw your face. cute”.We thank Hongki for said that. He did his best not to hurt fans but also to show his care to Minhwan

FT Island boys reserved a private place to eat and rest but we all know where the place was. In front of us, we heard group of selfish fans gave the peoples in the hotel with extra money. We were really sad at first because we don’t have money to do that but we know we that something bad will happen. We just know it. After few hours, the fans that went inside went out to us with mixed feeling. Some of them were quite unhappy and some of them had tears. Among the girls who went inside, one of them are close to us. She told us everything. Fans followed and stalked the boys so much. Boys looked so shocked when they saw group of girls went to them while they was eating and drinking. Fans went crazy over the boys who clearly were really tired from their schedule. Fans saw Hongki and Jonghun have a bit of beer but the other 3 still underage and seems like they were not allowed to drink. That girl said fans really crossed the line when they touched and surrounding them. Big victim was Hongki. Hongki who really uncomfortable suddenly more or less said like this. “We are having our private time now, could you let us rest?”. Some fans didn’t like it. Jonghun who also felt uncomfortable more or less asked “how did you managed to come here?” the other 3 boys Minhwan, Jaejin and Seunghyun really panicked and did not know what to do. Hongki walked to 3 of them to protect them and Jonghun followed him. Hongki managed to get 5 of them to the man’s toilet and locked the door but fans are still running following and waiting for them to get out.

My friend said at that time, securities came to rescue boys from the fan. While walking, it seems like the manager scolded Hongki and Jonghun for saying like that to the fan. But for us, Hongki and Jonghun did a reasonable thing. They didn’t say anything harsh at all and just protected themselves.

We stayed at their hotel until morning to know about them. Then, we heard that some of the girls checked in the hotel and they managed to know what numbers boys were staying. Some said that they called boy’s room and said nothing. Some said that they knocked the doors and then run away. Some said they shouted the boy’s name from outside so that boys will come out. Some said they left fan’s letter, flowers and gift outside the door. But one thing certain thing is, FT Island boys cannot sleep and have a rest at all.”

-girl who saw everything from afar. but doesnt know its 100% true. (she wanted to stay annonymous.)
also credits to: talents86 @ soompi for posting it.

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