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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Hottest have been posts the detailed the suicide of a fan

On fan communities such as ‘JYP 2PM FanCafe,’ ‘HwanSang,’ and the official fanclub, Hottest, there have been posts that detailed the suicide of a fan on the 5th.

The post explained the reason why she committed suicide and her name, bringing about great shock to the netizens. The fan cafe that it was posted in holds 110,000 members. There are still posts commemorating her death even now.

It has been posted on various Jaebum fansites and many are accepting the suicide as the truth. It is not only fans that are accepting it, but other citizens too as it has been posted on popular portal sites as well.

After Jaebum left America, Kim (masked name) fell into a deeper depression and created a fan cafe that did volunteer work named ‘Run for Park Jaebum,’ working as an admin in order to help Park Jaebum’s return.

After hearing of his complete withdrawal through the company notification and finding out about the members’ decisions at the conference, it was found that she had felt great disappointment.

It is hard to confirm whether this post is real or not. It may truly be a real post but it might also be a hardcore fan’s ploy in order to pressure JYPE. Netizens have brought forth opinions asking for JYPE and 2PM to properly exchange discussions with the fans in order to verify the truth of the post.

Although it is unlikely that the post is true, JYPE must act fast in order to set the fandom straight if it really was fabricated by a fan.

T/N: The actual post was made by a Cassiopeia member for her Hottest relative. Kim was the admin for ‘Run for Park Jaebum,’ a volunteer work fan cafe. Her last few diary entries mentioned her disappointment and upset feelings regarding 2PM and their whole conference. She’s suffered from depression prior to this whole ordeal but the severity escalated after the whole conference happened.

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